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Start is a news service for news related to the OS/2 and ArcaOS operating systems. It is dedicated to ensuring that up-to-date and correct news are distributed quickly and as far as possible in the international OS/2 and ArcaOS community. To achieve this goal, this web site acts as a pool and central source of news for other web sites, and a central submission point for everybody who has news to announce.


News that are publicly available at this site are only an example for those interested in the service. Hence, they and the content of the publicly available RSS feeds are at least one week old. For current news, please refer to one of the partner web sites listed under Partners.


  • DFSee 15.6 minor release

    Mittwoch, 09. Januar 2019 Mittwoch, 09. Januar 2019, 10:50

    DFSee version 15.6 has been released. MINOR release, meaning you get it for FREE if you have a 15.x key already. It has more robust download scripts for updating the DFSee program andfor getting the DFSPUPPY/DFSPUP64...

  • [Arca Noae] See our new product and activity roadmaps!

    Montag, 07. Januar 2019 Montag, 07. Januar 2019, 20:17

    Arca Noae has posted a new item, 'See our new product and activity roadmaps!' We often get asked,"so what's next for ArcaOS?" "Where can we see you guys?" "What have you done with XYZ?" We realize...

  • TZSet version 09

    Mittwoch, 02. Januar 2019 Mittwoch, 02. Januar 2019, 06:11

    The latest version of TZSet can be fetched from This is a freeware program (source included) that adjusts the OS/2 clocksuch that the API call DosGetDateTime will return the correct...


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