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SCOUG meeting for Saturday, June 16, 2012

Freitag, 15. Juni 2012  Von: Tom Brown

Rocky still has no audio on his AMD based eCS 2.1 installation. Perhaps some quality time with the kernel debugger will help us understand what is failing.

Steven has built a proof-of-concept replacement for scan.exe that might be able to to show the available access points at Eastside Christian. If this works, perhaps we can get an updated Wireless LAN monitor released.

Dan has a new server and so far it's refused to install eCS 2.1. Perhaps bringing it to the meeting will change this.

Rich Walsh has developed a tool called DMT which will be released soon. DMT stands for Desktop Maintenance Tool. We are going to look at how it compares to the existing WPS maintenance tools such as Unimaint/Checkini/Cleanini.

After this, it's going to be yet another Q&A session for the rest of us. Bring your questions.

As almost always, there will be coffee and donuts.

We are still looking for someone to demo the Java 1.6GA release.

We are still looking for someone to demo rpm/yum.

We are always looking for interesting presentation ideas and interesting presenters.

For additional information and directions, see:

-- Tom Brown, Catherder
thomabrown at gmail dot com

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