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Installing network services workshop at Warpstock 2013 in Atlanta

Freitag, 14. Juni 2013  Von: Andy Willis

Warpstock is pleased to have Lewis Rosenthal offer a 4 hour workshop on networking on Friday, October 4.

Warpstock is pleased to have Lewis Rosenthal offer a 4 hour workshop on networking on Friday, October 4.

The fresh install will start with a system (probably a VM) ready to be set up. We'll start with an Easy install, and explore the meaning of the various networking options. Next, we'll start over, but select Advanced, and contrast the differences in the available networking options.

Using a running system, we'll make live changes to the network setup and observe the effects. This will be a good time for Q&A, as well, so attendees should bring along either their troubled machines or as much detail of their issues as possible, and we'll try to recreate them on a test box.

We'll have a look at the various configuration files which are managed through the graphical tools, as well, and discuss testing for basic IP connectivity, routing, and DNS resolution.

Finally, if time permits, we'll blend wireless into the mix, install a Wi-Fi adapter, the WPA supplicant upgrade, and create a profile in XWLAN for it. 

The location chosen is the Drury Inn& Suites Airport, located at 1270 Virginia Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia, United States 30344.

The dates for Warpstock 2013 are Friday, October 4 through Sunday, October 6, 2013.

The registration fee for this year's event is $149, and attendees who register prior to July 16 will receive a 10% early registration discount. Also note that room availability may only be guaranteed.

through September 3. See the registration page for details. Register NOW and SAVE!





Note: Registration fees do not include hotel accommodations.

Please book your hotel stay via the web link below or by

telephone: 404-761-4900. Use Warpstock's group number

(2181402) to get the conference rate (King: $89.95/night;

Two Double:$99.95/night).


Hotel web link:


Warpstock Corporation is a Virginia corporation. The Warpstock annual conference is a gathering of OS/2 users, developers, and vendors from around the world for the purpose of education and advocacy. More information is available at the Warpstock web site:

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