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Announcing Warpstock Europe 2019!

Dienstag, 26. Juni 2018  Von: Roderick Klein

Yep you have read it correctly, Warpstock Europe 2019 is being announced. Why so early ?

You can read some of the reasons here

The primary one being that Warpstock Europe will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. The Dutch OS/2 VOICE is looking to team up with other computer interest groups such as REXX LA and the Dutch HCC.
The Dutch HCC in turn has a whole bunch of groups dedicated to older computers.

The event will be organized at the Stay Okay Soest on the 18th and 19th of May 2019. Access for Saturday and Sunday costs 105 Dollars. This is a discounted rate until the 31st of July 2018! Normal price is 120 Dollars.

For further information please visit!
I need people to book as early as possible. I am doing this by mostly alone and I am trying to get other groups of the Dutch HCC involved as well. But this requires me to know as far ahead as possible how many people are coming to the event. And if I need to book an extra event room. The event rooms at the Youth Hostel are extremely popular!

Hope to see everybody at the 20th Warpstock Europe in Soest!

Best regards,

Roderick Klein

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