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Black Friday

Dienstag, 20. November 2018  Von: Silvan Scherrer

Hi all

from 23rd November until 25th November 2018 we have ArcaOS with discount in our shop. ArcaOS is between EUR 17 and EUR 29 cheaper. The discount depends on the ArcaOS version. We recommend everyone to use the commercial version, as it includes more support options and a 12 month software subscription.

Our onlineshop <> already awaits your orders.

As a sidenote: with every order in our shop you help building the future. As we have more money to spend and so we can port more software.

-- freundliche Grüsse / kind regards
Silvan Scherrer

/Silvan Scherrer
AROA Informatik AG
Tel. +41 71 243 55 77
Fax +41 71 243 55 70 <> /

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