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Weasel version 2.49 released.

Samstag, 17. November 2018  Von: Peter Moylan

Weasel is a mail server (POP/SMTP) for OS/2. It is now free (even in multidomain mode), and source code is available. The latest version can be fetched from

or from

It has not been uploaded to Hobbes because there is currently a backlog in Hobbes incoming.

The changes since version 2.48 are:

Added option to use domain blacklist checkers.
Minor correction to blacklist code.
Fixed: errors in interpreting the "Enable" in INI file.
Changed watchdog code to avoid a critical race.
Minor change to message about reloading INI data.
Stricter interpretation of option to not log POP sessions.
Nonrouteable addresses are no longer checked by RBL.
Minor change to manual: wildcard entries are allowed
on the whitelist page of Setup.
In all host lists, duplicate entries are removed when
you exit Setup.

-- Peter Moylan

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