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Weasel version 2.5 released

Sonntag, 25. November 2018  Von: Peter Moylan

The Weasel mail server is now up to version 2.5. You can fetch it from
or from
or from Hobbes incoming.

For those who already have version 2.49, there are only two changes:
- Added option to reject mail that fails a reverse DNS lookup.
(See page "Options 1" of the Setup notebook)
- Changed the rules about the decision whether to use INI
or TNI format (see manual).

For those who haven't upgraded since version 2.4, there have been too
many changes to list here.

I strongly urge people to read the "Configuration" section of the
manual, because the rules about choosing INI/TNI files have changed
significantly. The new system is simpler, but it's different from
what you're used to.

-- Peter Moylan

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