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findr (find recursive) version 1.1

Dienstag, 24. Dezember 2019  Von: Peter Moylan

For those wanting to escape the end-of-year madness, here's a utility to
try out. You can get it from
or from
or from Hobbes incoming.

This is a "find files" utility. It was previously called "ffind", but I
had to change the name because of a name clash with another such
utility. I implemented this one because I was unhappy with the
performance (and sometimes the lockups) of PMSEEK and similar programs. What
makes this one different is flexibility in using wildcard file
specifications. You can, for example, do the search

findr d:\dev*\*\src\progname.* 'version string'

which searches many different directories. The "recursive" feature is
that for the final directory specification (the "src" in this example)
we search all subdirectories as well.

The new feature in the current version is that you can specify the
wildcard specifiers '*' and '?' in the optional string to search for. A
wildcard search within a file is trickier than an in-memory wildcard
search, but it was worth the extra effort because that is often exactly
what you want to do.

Regular expressions are not supported. I considered adding that feature
but my present feeling is that it slows down the search for a
rarely-needed feature.

-- Peter Moylan

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