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Warpstock 2019 Orlando, some photos and other tidbits by Jan van Wijk

Montag, 09. Dezember 2019  Von: Jan van Wijk

A non-technical post today, looking back on Warpstock 2019 in Orlando.

Warpstock 2019, as always, was a nice event, always something new to learn,
and most of all meet and talk to old friends again ...

I did take some pictures those few days, which may be viewed at:


For those interested in my 4400 mile roadtrip before and after the event, 60 images at:

And the full gallery (450 images) at:


Also, the presentations, including two DFSee ones turned up on Youtube too:

Which has the list of presentations, the DFSee ones are:

D1S8 Filesystems and Partitioning
D2S2 DFSee 16x feature overview

Both are about an hour and a half, and somewhat boring unless you are really interested in the details.
But the second one is better and has some good laughs near the end as well :-)

Of course the presentations themselves are also on the DFSee website:

Regards, JvW

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