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hunspell, flex, doxygen, bison, Qt 5

Montag, 17. Juni 2019  Von: Silvan Scherrer

hunspell, flex, doxygen, bison, Qt 5//

We released version 1.7.0-1 of hunspell (A spell checker and morphological analyzer library), version 2.6.4-1 of flex (A tool for creating scanners (text pattern recognizers), version 1.8.15-1 of doxygen (A documentation system for C/C++), version 3.4.1-1 of bison (A GNU general-purpose parser generator)
*In Qt 5 we again added/fixed a bunch.* For a brief changelog see below please. A first Qt 5 rpm is expected to be available very soon.
It is uploaded as rpm to the netlabs rel or exp repository. To install just use either yum or ANPM. If anyone prefers a zip file, those are available at the netlabs rel repo <> or at the netlabs exp repo <>.

What's new in hunspell:

* update to upstream version 1.7.0

What's new in flex:

* update to version 2.6.4
* use scm_ macros
* moved source to github

What's new in doxygen:

* move source to github
* use scm_ macros
* update to version 1.8.15

What's new in bison:

* update to version 3.4.1

What's new in Qt 5:

* implement focus traversal between windows
* adapt filedialog and friends to OS/2
* implemet keyboard grab
* implemet modality support
* implemet mouse grab
* properly handle WM_CLOSE messages

To be able to finish our goals we need *your support*. Please sponsor as much as possible via our webshop <> or via our Patreon page <>.


-- freundliche Grüsse / kind regards
Silvan Scherrer

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