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Weasel version 2.6 released

Freitag, 06. September 2019  Von: Peter Moylan

Version 2.6 of the Weasel mail server is now available. It can be
downloaded from
or from
or from Hobbes incoming. Source code, for those who are interested, can
also be found in the same places.

This release has a couple of fixes - in particular, an improvement to
the way the watchdog works - but the main reason for this release is to
tidy up the way INI and TNI files are used, which should have benefits
when future versions of my software are released. I am aiming at a
uniform approach to INI/TNI handling for all of my applications.

This version of Weasel expects to use INIDATA.DLL and XDS230M.DLL, which
are not included. If you don't already have them, you can download
which contains the two DLLs. (And the source code for INIDATA.DLL) This
should be a one-off download, because is unlikely that INIDATA.DLL will
be revised very often.

Recommendation: although these DLLs can be anywhere on your LIBPATH,
ArcaOS users should probably put them in \usr\local\lib. If your \usr
doesn't have a "local" subdirectory, please read the INIData
documentation for the suggested subdirectory structure.

-- Peter Moylan

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