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Aktuelles im Detail newsletter #367

Montag, 10. Februar 2020  Von: News

This is the latest edition of the bi-weekly <> newsletter. The newsletter can be read on the web at the following URL: <>

News from <>:
3. February - 9. February
bww bitwise works Gmbh
Great work with latest GCC 9.2 compiler, work done on Libc Next, Poppler and Qt WebEngine! Are you already a Patreon?
See: <>
New ticket raised
See: <>
Steady progress with changes and a fix
See: <>
Qt for OS/2 and OS/2-based systems
New ticket created
See: <>
27. January - 2. February
bww bitwise works Gmbh
Various components updated, including some Qt v5 stuff!
See: <>
Number of updates made, including a fix
See: <>
Some changes made
See: <>
VirtualBox for OS/2 and OS/2 based systems
Some wiki updates as well as some changes made and a new ticket raised
See: <> <> depends upon your support to maintain and help test new releases of OS/2 software. Some projects require considerable work; therefore, some developers are paid to work on them. You may show your support for these projects by purchasing SPONSOR units via:
bww bitwise Works GmbH <> on Twitter @bitwiseworks
Arca Noae <> on Twitter @arcanoaellc

Thanks for your support!

We can be reached at: <news(at)> or Twitter at: <>

Greetings, <> team

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