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Questions? It is likely for somebody else to have already had the same one—and to have received an answer. Please see below for a selection of frequently asked questions and answers before contacting us directly.


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fold faq What is this central news database?

The system consists of a database, an administration interface (HTML), a translation interface (HTML), and a RSS feed generator.
The system itself will not make news directly available to users. The system will only make news available to web sites that want to participate. The system does not want to compete for users, we do want to provide an infrastructure to web site admins.

fold faq Where does get its news from?

The central news system is fed with news that is submitted by the form on this site or sent to the old submission address of the VOICE News mailing list. Also, web sites that participate in this system by drawing news have to redirect all news submitted at their service to

fold faq Which sites participate in this system?

Currently, the following sites participate in sharing news via this system:

  • VOICE: Retrieves news for its VOICE News mailing list and web site. Offers the submission form. The old submission address for the mailing list is redirected to
  • OS/2 Bay Area User Group: Retrieves news in English, links to submission form at
  • Retrieves news in German and English, does not redirect submission yet.
fold faq How can I contribute to ?

Show our news on your web site

If you want to join our news system, you will be given access to retrieve news from the central database via either an RSS or Atom feed or a HTML page which can be directly included on your pages.

Please use the contact form and specify your web site. We will then provide you with a login and instructions on customizing the news for your web site.

Add the news submission form to your site

If you have a web site, you can link to our submission form or add such a form to your own pages.

fold faq Wouldn't more diversity of news sources be better?

Not any more and for the following reasons:

The eComStation and OS/2 community is small. That means we need to join forces to avoid a waste of resources and free resources for other tasks.

Over the last years, not every news has made it to every news service. This resulted in information getting lost. The reasons for loss of information are twofold:

  • Time constraints: Those reporting news don't have the time to report them several times, and those running news services don't have the time to hunt for news on at other news services. Finally, not all users feel inclined to visit all news services to stay informed.
  • Language barrier: News happen to be reported to news services that only provide them in one language. Exchange between services that serve different languages is difficult.

We simply cannot afford to lose community members because of that.

fold faq Monopolization of information is dangerous. What about censorship and conflict of interest?

This issue has been brought up several times, and distrust in this matter has been the reason why some news services have refused to join so far.

In the past, this service was run on a server of Mensys B.V ., and part of the code was written by a Mensys employee. However, the volunteers who contributed to this project would testify that Mensys B.V. did never interfere with news distribution. As a result, the systems architecture was created in a way that would allow manipulation to be easily detected. Unfortunately, that was not enough to convince everybody.

Anyway, there are several reasons why there is nothing to worry about now:

  • TYPO3 provides features for access restriction, logging, and versioning. Any meddling with news could be detected rather easily.
  • The team is a rather diverse one. Its members come from different parts of the globe, and they have different backgrounds and opinions.
  • Anyone with a clean reputation is welcome to join the news team.


Web site

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fold faq Is this site running on an OS/2 server?

Our focus is getting the job done—with a minimum of money and effort, and a maximum of reliability and sustainability.

Few providers offer hosting on OS/2, however, Rosenthal & Rosenthal, in New York, USA, does. This site is currently hosted on an HP Proliant server running eComStation.

A number of required tools for running TYPO3 were not always available for OS/2. Thanks in part to the great beginning work by Michael Oehlhof and Roland Schmalenberg (, followed by Gianfilippo Cimmino, Paul Smedley, and Steve Levine, we now have the components necessary to run TYPO3 on OS/2. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of them.

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fold faq Why are you using TYPO3? It is overly complicated, slow, technologically outdated...

There is a number of reasons:

  • This web site is going to be a huge project. What you see as the current site is only a part.
  • We need all kinds of features.
  • Administration and the different content areas and languages will be handled by a larger number of persons.
  • A kind of quality assurance for the content has to be possible.
  • The CMS must be capable of handling this while keeping a tidy interface for the content editors.
  • Professional hosting must be available.

We can assure you that we are aware of the fact that TYPO3 does have a learning curve. But the results make the effort worthwhile.

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