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DFSee 14.5 has been released!

Sunday June 18, 2017  By:Jan van Wijk

DFSee version 14.5 has been released. MINOR release, meaning you get it for FREE if you have a 14.x key already.However, thare are some pretty MAJOR new features and bug fixes: - Support for disks over 2 TiB, both 512 and 4096...

Category: Software, News, Press, and Net

Major Major version 2.3 released

Wednesday June 14, 2017  By:Peter Moylan

Major Major (free, source included) version 2.3 is now available from or from Hobbes. Major Major is a mailing list manager, which lets youcreate your own...

Category: Software, News, Press, and Net

TZset updated to version 7

Tuesday June 06, 2017  By:Peter Moylan

A new version of TZset (freeware, source included) may be downloaded from This is to compensate for a missing feature in the OS/2 System Clock.The system's internal date/time record...

Category: Software, News, Press, and Net