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SCOUG Meeting for August 20, 2011

Saturday August 20, 2011  By: Tom Brown

Saturday, August 20th
9:30 AM - 1 PM

Peter is continuing to work on configuring his new development environment which is going to need to support multiple toolchains. This month we are are going to discuss methods of handling this on eCS/OS2.

Some of you might have heard that a patched version of tcpip32.dll has been released. Steven is going to discuss why it was developed and what it does.

Steven has been working on a utility called clonekill. If there is time, he's going to show us what the current incarnation can do.

After this, it's going to yet another Q&A session for the rest of us. Bring your questions.

As almost always, there will be coffee and donuts.

For additional information, see:
 Tom Brown, Catherder
thomabrown at gmail dot com

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