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MultiMac R8169 driver for eComStation version 1.0.0

Tuesday February 04, 2014  By: David Azarewicz

I am pleased to announce the availability of the MulitMac
Realtek Gigabit PCIe NIC Driver for driver for eComStation version 1.0.0.

This is an NDIS driver for Realtek Gigabit PCI-Express LAN adapters.
This driver is based on the source code of r8169 Linux kernel module.

This product is available for download directly from the MultiMac wiki page

Note that this version is completely new code. It is not just an update of an earlier driver. This version is a new port of the latest Linux source and is based on a newly developed 32 bit driver kit. Since this is completely new code, it may work differently than previous drivers. Also, there may be bugs that didn't exist in previous drivers.

This is a first release beta version of this driver. Use it at your own risk.

More information about the MultiMac drivers can be found at:

David Azarewicz

Category: Drivers and Hardware