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TxWindows, the DFSee UI-library, open-source release 5

Saturday September 16, 2017  By: Jan van Wijk


The open-source library used to build the DFSee disk tool, is now available
in the latest 5.xx release, at the same functional level as DFSee 14.8

A ZIP archive with all the sources, makefiles and scripts, as well as several
PDF documentation presentations are available for download from:

TxWindows is a multi-platform text-mode windowing library, that includes all the features
needed to implement user-friendly application in text mode, with input fields, text-viewers,
list-controls, buttons, menus and other basic controls.
It also contains a scrollable output-window with an attached command line that is
particularly well suited for command-driven applications, with an additional
scripting language for automation of tasks.

It can be used to build such applications for OS/2, Windows, Linux, macOS and DOS.

Regards, JvW

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