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WebServe version 1.7 released

Saturday January 27, 2018  By: Peter Moylan

After a long period of stability, WebServe has been updated. You can
fetch the new version from

or from

or from Hobbes incoming.

WebServe (freeware, source included) is a lightweight web server. While
it does not have all the bells and whistles of big servers like Apache,
its minimalist approach makes it small, fast, and efficient. It still
has enough features to support most web sites.

The latest changes are an improved implementation of timeouts, and an
option to log client hostnames rather than IP addresses. For that latter
feature, however, we wait only a short time to get the nameserver
result, and fall back to the IP address if the nameserver is slow. The
reason for this impatience is that there are many web crawlers whose
main function is to probe for security holes, and most of them don't
have reverse DNS on their addresses.

-- Peter Moylan

I dream of a world where a chicken can cross a road without having
its motives questioned.

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