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Weasel 2.45 released

Monday May 28, 2018  By: Peter Moylan

The latest version of Weasel may be fetched from
or from

This version is unusual in that the previous release produced a number
of "it didn't work" responses. Therefore, this version has had several
months of testing. This version must surely work, unless there are sites
whose bugs I have been unable to test.

New features:
Fixed: "Delete domain" operation was deleting two domains.
Added domain count to the "Domains" Setup page.
ETRN (ESMTP command) added. It has the side effect that
jobs for the specified domain have their "retry"
status reset, i.e. it allows immediate delivery of
those retry jobs.
Added option to disable some of the initialisation logging.
Setup made more visible in the manual.
Redefinition of the sequence [POP3..IMAP]. This might affect
some of the "max users" and "timeout" values in Setup.
Option to suppress POP sessions in transaction log now puts
minimal information into transaction log.

Note that these are mostly Setup changes. I repeat, the server itself
has had three months of testing.

If, despite all these comments, you have doubts about the new release,
you should back up your Weasel.INI and/or Weasel.TNI. If you don't want
to move to the new version, restore those backups.

-- Peter Moylan

The colour of a fireman's braces is entirely his own business.

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