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Re: [Weasel] Weasel version 2.49 released.

Tuesday November 20, 2018  By: Massimo S.

Il 18/11/2018 03:42, Peter Moylan ha scritto:
> Weasel is a mail server (POP/SMTP) for OS/2. It is now free (even in multidomain mode), and > source code is available. The latest version can be fetched from
> >
> > or from
> >
> > It has not been uploaded to Hobbes because there is currently a backlog in Hobbes incoming.
> > The changes since version 2.48 are:
> >    Added option to use domain blacklist checkers.
>    Minor correction to blacklist code.
>    Fixed: errors in interpreting the "Enable" in INI file.
>    Changed watchdog code to avoid a critical race.
>    Minor change to message about reloading INI data.
>    Stricter interpretation of option to not log POP sessions.
>    Nonrouteable addresses are no longer checked by RBL.
>    Minor change to manual: wildcard entries are allowed
>       on the whitelist page of Setup.
>    In all host lists, duplicate entries are removed when
>       you exit Setup.

installed on server2/mx2
it seems to work


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