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[ Feedback] The eCSoft/2 weekly newsletter for OS2Voice

Monday April 01, 2019  By: eCSoft/2

-------- THE ECSOFT/2 WEEKLY NEWSLETTER FOR OS2VOICE -------------------------

Find in this digest all the records created or updated in the last week on the eCSoft/2 site

If you find something wrong and you want to report it, or if you want to contribute updating or translating to your language the records, or if just you want to write us, visit our Contact page or drop us an email at ecsoft2 [dot] orggmail [dot] com

This is a special edition of the eCSoft/2 newsletter created for OS2 Voice.


* Libdvdread (libreria lettura DVD) 6.0.1
Libdvdread for OS/2, provides a simple foundation for reading DVD video
* Des chiffres 1.2.1
Des chiffres (et des lettres), (Letters and) Numbers, Cijfers (en
letters), version 1.2.0.
* VNC Server and VNC Viewer 20190331
This package provides a VNC server and client for OS/2 Presentation
Manager, you can connect to a VNC-server somewhere in the network and
display its content in a windo
* Dosbox/2 0.74
DOSBox is a DOS-emulator that uses the SDL-library which makes DOSBox very
easy to port to different platforms.
* Weasel 2.55
Weasel: a POP3 and SMTP daemon for OS/2 (also available an IMAP optional
* Testlog 3.25
Create a log file that you can submit with your test results when
reporting a problem with a driver.
* Agena 2.14.7
Agena is an easy-to-learn procedural programming language suited for
everyday usage.
* FreeRDP Client for OS/2 20190327
A FreeRDP port for OS/2, eComStation and ArcaOS. FreeRDP is a client for
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), used in a number of Microsoft Windows
operation systems.
* 3D Launch Pad 20190326
Launch Pad is a WPS objects launcher for PMShell with support for PNG


* DjView & DjVuLibre 4.10.6 & 3.5.27
Standalone viewer for DjVu files. Features include navigating documents,
zooming and panning page images, producing and displaying thumbnails.
* Object Desktop 2.0
Object Desktop for OS/2 is an advanced desktop environment.
* SATA AHCI Disk Controller 2.05 & 0.1.4
This is a hardware driver for SATA Controller working in AHCI mode.
* Links 2.18
A text-mode web browser, which is able to correctly display tables and
frames, and to render correctly most pages, even if they include several
graphical elements.
* ObjectReCreator 1.50
PM utility that allow to recreate lost Desktop objects.
* Daniela's ATAPI Filter 0.4.0
Replacement for IBMIDECD.FLT, IBMATAPI.FLT, DaniADsk.FLT and all other
ATAPI related filters.
* Daniela's EIDE/SATA Driver 1.8.15
* Extended Partition Support 14.091
This EXPART*.EXE driver package provides you with IBM's most current
support for hard disk drive Extended (type 0x0F) and Fat (type 0x0E)
partitions on the OS/2 Warp 4 and OS/2 Warp Server for e-bu
* Extended Partition Support (W4) 14.091
This EXPART*.EXE driver package provides you with IBM's most current
support for hard disk drive Extended (type 0x0F) and Fat (type 0x0E)
partitions on the OS/2 Operating System.
ROBOSAVE allows you to easily back up your OS/2 2.x Desktop and later 
restore it to the same system.  You can also specify a limited number
of  files to be saved/resto
* ProgRef
Progref is a PM utility to quickly and easily generate Program reference
objects from executables (ie typically exe, com, cmd and bat type files).
* Megadesk (Desktop expander) 2.24
Megadesk is a virtual desktop overview which allows you to expand the area
for your PM windows, creating many "rooms" in which to group running PM
* UTLOS2 2.9
This package contains a set of command-line utilities. Each is available
for OS/2 2.1 or higher, Win32, and DOS.
* EnvED (Edit environment strings) 1.10
ENVED - An Environment Editor
enved.cmd Invoke the OS/2 environment editor.
* Group Folder 2.3f
WPS Class to provide divided folder.
* FM/2 Utilities
Bunch of free utils (including HPFS defrag) text mode only.
* File Manager/2 3.24
FM2 is an excellent file manager for the eComStation WorkPlaceShell with a
lot of functions!
* Graham Utilities 2.1
The Graham Utilities for OS/2 are the largest, most comprehensive suite of
disk, file and general utilities specifically written for the OS/2
Operating System.
* NEPMD (Netlabs EPM Distribution) 1.20
NEPMD is an add-on for EPM, the Enhanced Editor of OS/2.
* Driver per tavolette Wacom Bamboo & Intuos
Wacom Bamboo and Intuos tablet driver (supported models see readme.1st)
* Virtual keyboard/2 1.0
Virtual keyboard/2 is an application displaying a unique virtual keyboard
on the screen and allowing you use the mouse pointer or the touch-screen
to type the way you do it with the hardware keyboa
* Odin 0.8.9
Odin is the name of the project and software that allows users to *run
Win32* (Windows 95 and Windows NT) *applications in OS/2 Warp operating
system natively*, almost
* Gilbert and the doors 2.2
Gilbert and the doors is a 2D platform game, written in C language/SDL
* Fixpak 5 (XR_C005) Build 14.103
*Fixpak 5 ** for Convenience Pack 1 & 2 (ACP and MCP) and eComStation*
* Eclipse Enabler 1.1.0
With the Eclipse Enabler package using SWTSwing and the Eclipse on Swing (EOS) plugin, the last Eclipse SDK
* Splint 3.1.2
Splint is a tool for statically checking C programs for security
vulnerabilities and coding mistakes. Source code included.
* OpenTTD 1.4.0
OpenTTD is a clone of the Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe", a
popular game originally written by Chris Sawyer.
* MagicDraw UML 16.5 SP5
MagicDraw is a visual UML modeling Unified Modeling Language and CASE tool with
teamwork support.
* Qt4 Application & UI Framework
Qt is a multiplatform C++ GUI application framework developed by Trolltech
AS (now "The Qt Company"). Qt for OS/2 is a native version of the Qt
Toolkit for the OS/2 Operating System.

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