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[ Feedback] The eCSoft/2 weekly newsletter for OS2Voice

Monday May 06, 2019  By: eCSoft/2

-------- THE ECSOFT/2 WEEKLY NEWSLETTER FOR OS2VOICE -------------------------

Find in this digest all the records created or updated in the last week on the eCSoft/2 site

If you find something wrong and you want to report it, or if you want to contribute updating or translating to your language the records, or if just you want to write us, visit our Contact page or drop us an email at ecsoft2 [dot] orggmail [dot] com

This is a special edition of the eCSoft/2 newsletter created for OS2 Voice.


* FluidSynth 2.0.5
FluidSynth is a software real-time synthesizer based on the Soundfont 2
* QSINIT 01052019
QSINIT is a replacement of OS2LDR created from scratch.
* Agena 2.14.12
Agena is an easy-to-learn procedural programming language suited for
everyday usage.
* Testlog 3.25
Create a log file that you can submit with your test results when
reporting a problem with a driver.


* Watcom C++ & Fortran 11.0c
Patch for the Sybase Watcom C/C++ and Fortran compiler products V11.
* Update CD 2.61
With UpdCD you can incorporate public IBM fixpaks into your installation
* DOOM for OS/2 1.10
OS/2 port of DOOM.
* Links 2.19
A text-mode web browser, which is able to correctly display tables and
frames, and to render correctly most pages, even if they include several
graphical elements.
* CD Boot/2 2.00
CD Boot/2 is a utility to enhance bootable OS/2 CD-ROMs so that when  the
CD-ROM is inserted into the drive, a menu is displayed immediately  after
BIOS has started boo
* Firefox 45.9.0
A Mozilla-based fast browser! Firefox includes:
* Info-Zip Unzip 3.0 & 6.0
InfoZip UNZIP (for decompressing/extracting ZIP files; needed for most
archiver program shells), recompiled with support for "shrink" (LZW)
* FM/2 Utilities
Bunch of free utils (including HPFS defrag) text mode only.
* File Manager/2 3.24
FM2 is an excellent file manager for the eComStation WorkPlaceShell with a
lot of functions!
* Graham Utilities 2.1
The Graham Utilities for OS/2 are the largest, most comprehensive suite of
disk, file and general utilities specifically written for the OS/2
Operating System.
* bootAble 6.10.3
bootAble is an OS/2/eCS script to create a maintenance partition or a
bootable CD.
* Netlabs GCC 8.3.0 & 3.3.5 (CSD6)
Ports of GNU GCC 3.x and 4.x, which ensure 100% compatibility with ANSI
* SDLMAME 0.170
A MAME Version based on SDL Library. MAME stands for Multiple Arcade
Machine Emulator.
* Renzoku Player/2 0.9.9
A simple GUI front-end *in Rexx language* for Mplayer mplayer, KMovie
Player k-movie-playerand
* 2Pong 0.6r2 mpg123-audiocenter
A pong clone with 2 balls. As the name might indicate, is a pong clone.
However, there is one visible difference from the regular pong: it is
played with two balls instead of one.
* kLIBC / GCC Runtime Library 0.6.6
Runtime libraries required for projects built with *the new GCC compilers
by Netlabs netlabs-gcc* (a "runtime" is a set of low-level routin
* Libreria runtime LIBC Next 0.1.1
LIBC Next (or LIBCn, for short) is an attempt to provide an implementation
of the C runtime library which is suitable for porting Unix and Linux
applications to the OS/2 Operating System using the
* Mup (Musical Publisher) 6.4
Mup (Musical Publisher) is a little command-line program which reads an
ASCII file containing specific directives and gives in output brilliant
PostScript files containing musical scores with notes
* Bluegriffon 1.1.1
BlueGriffon is a new WYSIWYG content editor for the World Wide Web.
* Workplace Font Family
Workplace Gothic, Workplace Sans and Workplace Console are TrueType fonts
designed to resemble WarpSans and System VIO original fonts.
* Oggetto programma WinOS2 zombie 0.2
Fix for WinOS2 programs running seamless that do not terminate.
* ORB - Preprocessore HTML 2.0
ORB is an HTML preprocessor to ease HTML writing for those who still use a
common text editor. Works best with the old WebWriter/2 for OS/2.
* QSubRip 0.0.7
This Qt4 program rips subtitles from decrypted DVD's and converts them to
text based subtitles.
* DVDDAO 2.0.6
A simple command line tool to burn various DVD format disks. DVDDAO
supports writing files over 2gb to DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM
* eMozPrint 1.85T
This utility scans the desktop for PDF files created by Firefox,
Thunderbird or Seamonkey, and prints the files automatically or offers a
dialog to print them, using Ghostscript.
* eBurnIt 1.2.0
eBurnIt is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for dvddao for cloning CD-R,
and to create or burn image files or ISO files.
* eBackUp 1.10
eBackUp is a backup and restore utility, using "RAR32 for DOS/OS2" to
compress and archive and to extract files and directories under OS/2 and
DEMO version.
* QtWeb 3.7
QtWeb is a compact, secure, portable and fast web browser having some
unique UI and privacy features.
* QChat 0.3
QChat is a crossplatform LAN chat.
* BeepBEEP 5.6.0
BeeBEEP is a secure network chat.
* Bind (ISC Bind) 9.11.6
Bind (Berkely Internet Name Daemon) for OS/2.
* Quick & Easy Finances 1.15
The ultimate in personal financial programs for OS/2. This will make the
rest of the financial programs here look like they were developed in the
early 1990's.
* DFSee, Display File Systems 16.0
File-system display & analysis utility. Shows partition-tables and
bootsectors. Shows all HPFS internal disk structures like Superblock,
Fnodes, Dirblocks etc.
* Find Files Utility 1.0
Wildcard filename search withing a directory or a set of directories.
Optionally you may specify a string to search for inside the files.
* FTP Server 2.75
FtpServer: an FTP daemon for OS/2. Lets you control which drives and
directories the users are allowed to see.
* Zippy 1.03.02
View, extract and create archive files.
* GenINI (salvataggio e ripristino dei file INI) 1.7
GenINI, a pair of programs to backup OS/2 INI files in human-readable
form, and to restore an INI file from the human-readable form.
* MyIP 0.7
IP addresses for home users are usually dynamically assigned and change
over time. MyIP returns your current IP address by connection to dedicated

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