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Re: [Major] Major Major version 2.9 released

Saturday November 09, 2019  By: Massimo S.

Il 09/11/2019 14:03, Peter Moylan ha scritto:
> Major Major is a (free) mailing list processor. It takes messages sent
> to a mailing list, and distributes them to the list members. The
> features include support for several different languages (including
> different languages for different lists), support for moderated lists,
> an option to remove attachments, ability to add spam filters, and a
> number of other features.
> > The latest version can be downloaded from
> or from
> or from Hobbes incoming.
> > The new feature is correct handling of HTML messages with plain text
> leader and/or trailer text added. This turned out to be trickier than
> expected, but I think I have finally tested all possibilities.
> > Existing MM users whose lists use only plain text will see just one
> change: for a plain text message with attachments, and a list with
> "remove attachments" specified, the resulting message will have type
> multipart/mixed. I tried to get the obvious text/plain result in this
> case, but it turns out that that required a two-pass approach to move
> MIME headers to an earlier point in the message. The resulting code was
> so complex that I decided to go for readable code rather than minimal
> MIME structure.
> > This version also fixes a long-standing bug: a 30-minute delay in
> responding to a Ctrl/C from the keyboard!

thanks a lot Peter, i've upgraded MM
i will let you know soon if the footer appears in the distributed messages


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