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INIServe version 2.9

Wednesday September 04, 2019  By: Peter Moylan

INIServe version 2.9 can be fetched from
or from
or from Hobbes incoming.

INIServe is an approach to the problem of remote administration of one
or more applications across a network. If those applications keep their
configuration data in INI or TNI files, then a client can connect to
INIServe and read and write entries in those files.

A demonstration client is included to show how it is done. The
demonstration client is an INI editor that can edit either INI or TNI
files, either on the local machine or on a remote machine where INIServe
is running.

Full source code for both client and server is included.

INIServe.exe expects to use INIDATA.DLL and XDS230M.DLL, which are not
included. If you don't already have them, you can download
which contains the two DLLs. (And the source code for INIDATA.DLL)

-- Peter Moylan

Category: Software