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Update on the status of the Chromium/QtWebEngine browser....

Saturday August 08, 2020  By: Roderick Klein

Dear OS/2 user,

I am sending you this status update to inform you where we are on the new OS/2 web browser. You can read the details here:

Here is a summary of what is written on the URL above:

The new browser consists of 2 big components, the first one is the collection of the QT libraries for the QT menu elements etc. QT 5.13 has been finished for some time.

The other component is the QtWebEngine DLL, it is compiling.
The QtWebEngine dll of the new browser is the DLL that processes the incoming webpages and display them. This DLL is big, it is 350 megabyte big. Currently the compile time is between 12 and 16 hours. The tools are being updated to deal with such large projects on ArcaOS and OS/2. So as a community we will not only benefit from the tool updates for this new browser.

OS/2 has never seen such large DLL's and the tools such as the GCC compiler and other tools needed to be upgraded.

The DLL with a small browser can currently load, see for details.

More libraries needed to be also ported and updated to get the new QtWebEngine to compile on ArcaOS and OS/2. As explained more often, OS/2 software development is not plug and play development like it is on Linux. Again see the above URL for more details in which we explain the details.

We need your donation to move forward with the browser.
Buy sponsor units through the OS/2 VOICE Foundation at; all proceeding of these units will go towards the browser project.

Best regards,

Roderick Klein
President OS/2 VOICE

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