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INIServe version 3.1

Thursday June 25, 2020  By: Peter Moylan

INIServe has been updated to version 3.1. You can download it from
or from
or from Hobbes incoming.

INIServe is a (freeware, open source) utility that allows remote configuration of any program that uses INI or TNI files for its configuration data. The zip file includes both a server and a demonstration client. The client is optional. Source code is included. The intended use is where an application is running on one machine, but the system manager is using a different machine.

This new version fixes a couple of problems, including an intermittent crash when a session times out. The main new feature is a Setup program that makes it easier to specify the server parameters. (In remote mode, this demonstrates the use of INIServe to configure itself. Special cases, including changing the server port, have been tested.)

-- Peter Moylan

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