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[warp] News - WDSibyl Online Help released (2020-10-10) #OS2WorldSoftwareFeed

Wednesday November 04, 2020  By: main(at) Integration

The WDSibyl Online Help had been released in English language (October, 10. 2020):

- Download Page ( )

" *WDSibyl* is an open source Object Pascal development environment for OS/2 Warp and Microsoft Windows that is largely compatible with Borland Delphi ( ) , although it has diverged slightly in the last few years. It is maintained by Wolfgang Draxler who based it on the SpeedSoft Sibyl ( ) open source release of the late 90s that also begat the Lazarus project. "

* Project Page ( )
* Github source code page ( )

Source: Rolf Gachnang


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