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Warpstock Europe 2021, looking at the possibility of real event, not just virtual!

Sunday April 04, 2021  By: Roderick Klein

Hello everybody,

Currently we are not 100% certain how the COVID-19 pandemic will develop. That said its expected here in the Netherlands all people from 18 years and older will be vaccinated by the beginning of July.

Currently it is unknown how new variants of the COVID-19 virus will develop. So far it seems the vaccins being used provide protection for the current mutations of the COVID-19 virus.

Here is the current plan I posted to the OS/2 VOICE board of directors mailing list:

1) OS/2 VOICE will book the same Youth Hostel in Frankfurt Germany that was booked in 2019. It will be booked for a weekend in September, a Saturday and a Sunday. The date still has to be set in September.

2) On the 1st of July OS/2 VOICE wil decide, depending on the situation, if we move forward yes or no with WSE in the Youth hostel in Frankfurt. This will depend on the level of vaccination in Germany and the Netherlands and the development of the COVID virus in western Europe.

3) If we decide to go ahead we will recommend that people book a refundable airline/traintickets and book an hotel that is refundable.
While more expensive, refundable bookings would limit the financial risk incase the event has to be cancelled.

The OS/2 VOICE board of directors supports the above idea.
That said I have two questions for people in the OS/2 community (especially people in Western Europe).

1. What would be a date that you would prefer in September ?
(I would be tempted to look at the first weekend of september duo to the wheater).

2. Would you consider coming yes or no ?

Please send an email back answering the 2 above questions, based on the feedback I will decide to move forward yes or no.

Best regards,

Roderick Klein
President OS/2 VOICE

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