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Weasel version 2.77 released

Friday August 06, 2021  By: Peter Moylan

The Weasel mail server (freeware) has been upgraded to version 2.77. You can fetch it from

or from

This fixes an error in the PLAIN variant of the SMTP AUTH command, and it also stops you from accidentally creating a password with leading or trailing spaces.

In addition, it introduces a new way of calculating the UID of a message, as recently discussed on the Weasel mailing list, but this will apply only to messages fetched after 30 September 2022. This should allow plenty of time for old messages left on the server to expire. This change will be invisible to almost everyone, but in the longer term it will make it easier to create a new mail root (e.g. when migrating the server to a new machine) without triggering the re-fetch of a flood of ancient messages.

-- Peter Moylan

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