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New software: SFTP server and client

Wednesday December 29, 2021  By: Peter Moylan

Note from news editor, sorry this message had not been approved to be send out!

Sorry about the late relay of the message (15th of February 2022)

SFTPServer is a secure file transfer program that is closely modelled on
FTPServer, in the sense that different user accounts see a different
virtual file system. The difference is that SFTPServer uses an encrypted
channel for all its operations. This is useful if you have confidential
material to move between computers.

For completeness, an SFTP client program is also available, supporting
typical FTP user-level commands.

This does not mean that FTPServer is obsolete. It is a better solution
if you don't need the encryption, and it will continue to be supported.

If you already have software that understands the SFTP protocol, you can
fetch the two new programs from


If those don't work for you, go instead to one of the directories

For bug reports, feature requests, discussion, etc., please use the
FTPServer mailing list. To join the list, send an e-mail to The subject line is not important and may be
anything. In the body of the message, put the lines

subscribe ftpserver-list

To have yourself removed from the list, send a similar e-mail but using
the command "unsubscribe" instead of "subscribe".

-- Peter Moylan

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