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Updated "find files" utility

Saturday July 03, 2021  By: Peter Moylan

The utility findr has been updated to version 1.2. You can get it from
or from
or from Hobbes incoming.

This release fixes a problems with search strings containing spaces. Note also that my program called ffind, also available from my FTP server, is obsolete and will soon be removed. I had to change names because of a clash with another utility.

findr searches for file in specified directories, including subdirectories. Optionally, a character string to search for can be specified. An example is
findr d:\dev*\*\src\progname.* 'fresh fish'
Both the directory specification and the search string may contain wildcards * and ?.

I wrote this because the "find files" utility supplied with OS/2 has a tendency to hang if many files need to be checked. findr can also hang in very long searches, apparently because of a memory leak in the DosFind* API, but by using only two file handles it can deal with more demanding searches than other similar utilities I have tried.

-- Peter Moylan

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