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OS/2 VOICE board is looking for new people to join the board of directors!

Friday December 09, 2022  By: Roderick Klein

Dear OS/2 community,

I am sending this email to the OS/2 community for people wanting to
become a OS/2 VOICE board member. You can find schedule here when which board member has to step down:

OS/2 VOICE foundation has forgotten to ask the community for people who want to become a VOICE board member. The current open applications are:

* Treasurer
* Board member

The two current members Keith Merrington (Treasurer) and Tom Heite
(board member) have stepped down and are available for re-election

For the following 2 board functions, if you want to apply one of these
positions please send an email to
Neil Waldhauer is the vice president of the OS/2 VOICE foundation.

In your email please write a brief motivation why the you want to join
the VOICE board and for which position.

Please send your email before the Friday the 16th of December 2022 to The OS/2 VOICE board will then vote who will become the new Treasurer and board members.


Roderick Klein
President OS/2 VOICE

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