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SFtpServer version 1.1

Thursday January 06, 2022  By: Peter Moylan

The second release of SFTPServer is now available. Look for it in one of
these places

SFtpServer uses the same virtual file system for clients as FtpServer,
but the client-server connections use the SFTP protocol over an
encrypted channel.

This release adds a number of features:

- All of the SFTP protocol has now been implemented, except
for four commands that are inconsistent with the
FtpServer philosophy that only the system manager
may control links and file permissions.

- Added a "too many users" check.

- Added controls on client IP addresses.

- Transaction logging improved. You may send the log
to the screen, to a disk file, to syslog, to a
pipe, or any combination of these.

- Fixed an error where some clients were blocked.

- New key exchange algorithms diffie-hellman-group14-sha256
and diffie-hellman-group15-sha512.

- Six new MAC algorithms.

Still missing: a better manual, a web page, and a proper Setup program.

-- Peter Moylan

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