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python3.9, yum, libusb1, libuvc, libc

Wednesday March 23, 2022  By: Silvan Scherrer

*python3.9, yum, libusb1, libuvc, libc*

*Rpm work:*
We released version 3.9.5-8 of python3.9 (Version 3.9 of the Python interpreter), version 3.4.3-14 of yum (RPM installer/updatern), version 1.0.24-3 of libusb1 (Library for utilities accessing USB devices), version 0.0.6-3 of libuvc (A cross-platform library for USB video devices), version 0.1.10-1 of libc (Standard Shared Libraries)
It is uploaded as rpm to the netlabs rel or exp repository. To install, use either yum or ANPM. If anyone prefers a zip file, those are available at the netlabs rel repo <> or at the netlabs exp repo <>.

*Behind the scenes*
There are more projects being worked on. If you are interested in it all, please look at our GitHub repo's <>.
*Again to be able to finish this all we urgently need more sponsors!!!.*

What's new in python39:

* fix several glitches in codepage handling
* enable os2 in bdist as well

What's new in yum:

* change yum.cof to new rpm issue location in post section
* moved source to github

What's new in libusb1:

* some more fixes/changes done by Lars Erdmann

What's new in libuvc:

* some more fixes/changes done by Lars Erdmann

What's new in libc:

* Call non-OS/2 handle close callback upon unexpected handle loss [#117]
* Add usual enter/exit logging to more I/O APIs [#117]
* fwrite: Don't return EOL [#120]
* Add missing scandir and alphasort definitions [#52]
* Import wcsdup.c from FreeBSD and align to EMX [#118,#119]
* unistd.h: Align crypt and friends to crypt.h [#121]

What's new in Chromium:

* commits from Chromium

To be able to finish our goals we need *your support*. Please sponsor as much as possible via our webshop <> or via our Patreon page <>.

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