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Weasel 2.85

Saturday December 09, 2023  By: Peter Moylan

Weasel version 2.85 is now available. You can get it from one of

The new feature is a complete reworking of the DKIM implementation. You now have the choice of using Andrey's DKIM filter for Weasel, as before, or the new built-in version. If you use Andrey's version you should *disable* DKIM in the Setup notebook, to avoid generating two DKIM signatures. For the new version, go to the DKIM page in Setup, enable the creation of DKIM signatures, and fill in the other fields in the obvious (I hope) way. It would also help to read the DKIM section in the Weasel manual.

NOTE: DKIM does require you to insert a DKIM public key record in your nameserver setup. If you run your own nameserver, the Weasel manual tells you how to do it. Otherwise, you will need help from the person who runs your nameserver for you. (But some nameserver hosting services allow you do updates on their web site.)

Because of a bug I have not yet been able to track down, the checking of DKIM signatures in incoming mail is currently disabled. You can re-enable it, if you really must, by manually editing Weasel.INI or Weasel.TNI, as appropriate, to give ($SYS, DKIMCheckEnable) the one-byte value 01, but I can almost guarantee that this will cause random crashes. The loss of this feature is not important, because in my experience some legitimate senders have faulty DKIM signatures, while spammers and scammers almost always have valid DKIM signatures. In other words, DKIM is useless for spam detection. The only reason you need it is to stop destinations like GMail from rejecting your mail.

-- Peter Moylan

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