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[ Feedback] The eCSoft/2 weekly newsletter for OS2Voice

Monday February 20, 2023  By: eCSoft/2

-------- THE ECSOFT/2 WEEKLY NEWSLETTER FOR OS2VOICE -------------------------

Find in this digest all the records created or updated in the last week on the eCSoft/2 site

If you find something wrong and you want to report it, or if you want to contribute updating or translating to your language the records, or if just you want to write us, visit our Contact page or drop us an email at ecsoft2 [dot] orggmail [dot] com

This is a special edition of the eCSoft/2 newsletter created for OS2 Voice.


* Dooble Web Browser 2023.02.20
Dooble is a platform-independent open source web browser. Application
developed using Qt framework qt-software-development-framework.
* Agena 2.37.2
Agena is an easy-to-learn procedural programming language suited for
everyday usage.
* Converseen
Converseen is an open source project written in C++ with the powerful Qt4
libraries. Thanks to the Magick++ image libraries it supports more than
100 image formats.
* WIN Setup 1.30
WIN Setup is an alternate install program for Microsoft Windows 3.1. 
This setup program, however, will run in a VDM, which allows end users 
to install Windows on HPFS drives (for use with OS/2 fo
* AVxCAT (ex FFmpegCA-GUI)
GUI front-end in Rexx language for FFmpeg ffmpeg-ffplay, which will allow
for converting audio and video between formats.
* VoiX voice suppressor 1.0.0b5
A voice suppressing program. It can suppress the voice frequency band from
a .WAV audio file. It can be used with LAME lame to work with MP3s.
* Libreria VPX 1.8.2
WebM defines the file container structure, video and audio formats.
* cURL 7.75.0
cURL is a command line tool for transferring files with URL syntax,
* Qt software development framework 5.15.2
Qt is a multiplatform C++ GUI application framework developed by Trolltech
AS (now "The Qt Company"). Qt for OS/2 is a native version of the Qt
Toolkit for the OS/2 Operating System.
* wxWidgets 2.8.12
An open source C++ GUI framework for easy cross-platform programming.
* Dos2Unix 7.4.4
Convert text files with DOS or Mac line breaks to Unix line breaks and
vice versa.
* Maul Publisher 3.16
Maul Publisher is aimed at anyone needing to quickly create pleasing and
sophisticated publications, without the high cost of one of the industry
leading packages.
* eFTE/2 text editor & FTE text editor 1.1.0 & 0.5.01
Enanched Text editor with syntax highlighting for
c/pascal/asm/perl/java/HTML and more!
* LSwitcher 2.93
Feature-rich replacement for the OS/2 PM Alt-Tab switcher, that includes a
task switcher that works in full screen sessions.
* Gnuplot 5.4.5
Well-known command-line driven interactive function plotting utility.
* phpMyAdmin 4.9.11 & 5.2.1
phpMyAdmin is a tool written in PHP php, intended to handle the
administration of a remote MySQL mysql server via web.
* LCSS (Logical Config.Sys Sort) 0.7.7
Logical Config.Sys Sort analize your CONFIG.SYS file and sort it into
logical sections.
* GIT 2.39.1
Git is a distributed version control and source code management (SCM)
system with an emphasis on speed.
* Font Gentium Plus Compact 6.200
Gentium is a Unicode serif typeface. It has wide support for languages
using the Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic alphabets, and the International
Phonetic Alphabet.
* DumpFS 6.1
Dump file system. Contains support for dumps greater than 2Gb.
* The Hessling Editor 4.0
THE is a powerful text editor modelled on the VM/CMS text editor XEDIT
with the best features of Mansfield Software's Kedit
* Shorten
Shortens all files referenced in an HTML (A HREF as well as IMG SRC, FRAME
SRC and all others) to 8.3 characters.
* Dynamic Windows & RexxDW 2.5 & 2.1
This is a cross-platform application framework designed to make it easy
creating dynamic applications with a modern interface; it was modeled
after the GTK library.
* Iron Spring PL/I 1.0.1
Compiler for the PL/I programming language, although it is currently
missing some features. PL/I is a powerful programming language suitable
for a wide range of problems.
* Weasel 2.83
Weasel: a POP3 and SMTP daemon for OS/2 (also available an IMAP optional
* WGet 1.20.3
GNU Wget is a network utility to retrieve files using HTTP and FTP, with
reget options and more. Now with SSL support! Port by different authors.
* Apachectl 2.0
Apachectl is a Rexx script to control Apache web server apache.
* LX-Lite 1.3.9
Freeware OS/2 LX executables packer.
* CMake 3.19.8
CMake is a cross-platform, open-source build system.
CMake is a family of tools designed to build, test and package software.
* JsonCpp 1.9.4
JsonCpp is an implementation of a JSON reader and writer
in C++. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight
data-interchange format.
* Json-c 0.16
Json-c library provides a C language implementation for (JavaScript Object Notation) data
format-interchange clien
* ScummVM 2.1.0
ScummVM is a program which allows you to run certain classic graphical
point-and-click adventure games, provided you already have their data
* QSINIT 23012023
QSINIT is a replacement of OS2LDR created from scratch.
* Fonts JetBrains Mono 2.304
JetBrains Mono is a typeface specifically designed for developers,
featuring taller lowercase letters, special features for making code more
readable (including 138 code-specific ligatures), 4 weig
* FileStar/2 & FlexEdit 3.05.00 & 1.10.00
FileStar/2 is a powerful OS/2 file management utility that users should
find very helpful in the maintenance of all types of files.
* kBuild for OS/2 0.1.9998
kBuild is a makefile framework for writing simple makefiles for complex
* Quick & Easy Finances 1.17
The ultimate in personal financial programs for OS/2. This will make the
rest of the financial programs here look like they were developed in the
early 1990's.
* ANPM (Arca Noae Package Manager) 1.1.0
The Arca Noae Package Manager is a graphical interface to easily install,
remove, and update software on any OS/2-based system.
* LSZipWizard 1.23
An easy-to-use helper for Zip archives in OS/2(TM), eComStation(TM) or
This Application is a graphical user interface
* Sun StarOffice 5.1a
StarOffice complete office suite.
* GNU GREP 3.3
Port of the popular OpenSource GNU GREP for UNIX: Search for corresponding
strings in specified files.
Ported using Open Watcom C/C++ & Fortran77.
* Mpg123 & AudioCenter 1.31.1 & 1.0
*Mpg123* is a console based decoder/player for mono/stereo mpeg audio
* REXX for the absolute beginner 08032012
A number of simple REXX procedures for beginners with REXX, accompanied by
an explanatory text in the *Dutch language*, in ASCII, INF, incl.
* REXX Reference Summary Handbook
REXX Reference Summary Handbook - 4th Edizione Ottobre 1997.
* Mplayer 1.4
Port of MPlayer: it is a movie player which runs on many systems (see the
* K Movie Player 0.7.2
K Movie Player Port, a multimedia player for the Linux "KDE" Desktop. This
program, based on FFplay, is made to play various media files on OS/2
* Petzi Tools 2.90
INI file Editor, SOM classes, CONFIG.SYS and more ....
* Calmira 5.0
Windows 95 style shell for Windows 3.1.
* Lotus Notes Server for OS/2 3.0
Lotus Notes Server for OS/2. Web server, messages delivers and other.
* Lotus Notes Express for OS/2 3.30
Lotus Notes is the world's most popular client-server platform for
developing and deploying strategic applications.
* MacAnova 4.07.3
MacAnova is a port of a cross platform statistical analysis package.
* Autonic 20011213
Autinic detects at boot time the PCI card and autoload it's driver.
Includes source code.
* Prominare Universal Resource Editor (URE) 1.15
The Prominare Universal Resource Editor (URE) is a graphical design
environment that allows application programmers to design Presentation
Manager (PM) applications complete with windows, menus, an
* Editor+ 1.01
Editor+ is a text editor for OS/2 Presentation Manager.
* DupeFinder 1.00
DupeFinder looks for identical files.
dupefinder startdir [outputfile] [-sortdirs]

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