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Major Major 3.5 released

Sunday October 29, 2023  By: Peter Moylan

A new version of Major Major may be downloaded from

The only change from version 3.4 is a new option "recirculate", which can be found on the Basic page of the Admin notebook, but only if you select "Weasel on this machine" as the mail server.

When you use the "Weasel on this machine" option, Major Major puts all outgoing mail (including messages being redistributed from all lists) into Weasel's "forward" directory. This bypasses most of the usual Weasel processing; the messages go fairly directly onto the "outgoing mail" queues without further processing.

The "recirculate" option instead forces Major Major's outgoing mail to be treated as if it had arrived via SMTP. If you want Weasel's full features (blacklist checking, filtering, DKIM signatures, etc.) then you should enable this new option.

(This option does not affect anything except Major Major outgoing mail. If there is other software putting mail into the "outgoing" directory, it will continue to operate as before.)

-- Peter Moylan

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