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Weasel version 2.9 released

Saturday May 04, 2024  By: Peter Moylan

The Weasel mail server (freeware, open source) has been upgraded to version 2.9. You can fetch it from

If you want the source code, that's in the same directory. There are several minor changes, and one major change. The major change is that each domain has its own DKIM parameters. (And you can, if desired, enable DKIM for some of your domains, and disable it for others.) In Setup, you will now find the DKIM page inside the domain notebook for each domain.

If you have set DKIM parameters in a previous version, those are now kept in what Weasel calls "the NIL domain". The NIL domain has two uses:
(a) It is used in single-domain mode (but that mode will be eventually phased out).
(b) It provides the initial defaults the first time you open a domain DKIM page in Setup.
Point (b) should simplify your transition to the new system. You might still have to alter those parameters if, for example, you want different private keys for different domains.

-- Peter Moylan

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