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High five for Warpstock Europe 2011

Saturday April 02, 2011  By: Gerrit Schoenmaker

Five reasons why you should ...

Only 5 weeks to go before kick off on May 6th in the city of Haarlem, The Netherlands and hereby are 5 excellent reasons why you should not miss this event:


1. Meet great names in eComstation's history and listen to what they have to tell you. Never in the history of Warpstock Europe so many people from abroad (USA, Japan, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, The Netherlands) do a presentation. The sessions schedule is already overbooked. Have a look for yourself at en/agenda.html as the list of speakers is filling up steady.


2. The Warpstock Europe 2011 event location

( is situated in a beautiful environment and is an excellent place to

relax. So, enjoy Warpstock Europe 2011 and at the same time have a short vacation in the heart of Holland. You are close to Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, the sandy beaches of the dutch seashore and see spring

in all its splendour in the "Keukenhof". And of course the Dutch offer you excellent public transport wherever you want to go.


3. This is what you always have wanted to do, a pilgrimage to the city where it all happens: "the making of eComStation". So, you might play the spy and take a sneaky picture of the Mensys HQ (


4. As a WSE2011 visitor you can enjoy the very special social event on the evening of the second Warpstock day, for free. Mensys and the organization board offer you a lovely canalboat ride through the canals

of the city of Haarlem and the river "Het Spaarne" and "after sailes" a drink in one of the old tavernes in the cosy and ancient city center.


5. Warpstock Europe 2011 gives you an excellent opportunity to learn about the upcoming features of eComStation 3.0 from the guys close to the fire, be a participant and line up for the great Q and A session

with all the session presenters. Sign up for the event at and return home afterwards with the feeling, yes, this is it: Warpstock and eComStation forever!


Gerrit Schoenmaker

WSE2011 board member

Chairman of the Dutch eCS & OS/2 usergroup

Warpstock Europe Web site:


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