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GenINI version 1.7 released

Tuesday April 02, 2019  By: Peter Moylan

The GenINI package (generic INI tools, freeware) has been upgraded to
version 1.7. The new feature is the inclusion of Rexx scripts that can
read and write INI or TNI data (and can be called by other Rexx
scripts). You can get it from

or from

or from Hobbes incoming. Source code is also available.

GenINI contains programs to convert files between INI format and
human-readable TNI format, and scripts that allow Rexx scripts to
manipulate INI and TNI data. Users of FtpServer or Weasel or Major Major
will probably need this update, unless they already have a recent copy
of the TNItools package. Others might find it useful as a backup mechanism.

Developers of other software may use the TNI format and the software in
this package without restriction other than what is implied by the GPL
licence. The TNI format was designed to get around a problem where INI
file data could be lost when an "out of memory" condition occurred in
the shared memory area.

-- Peter Moylan

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