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We need your financial support: Update 6 on community project for QT to get a new OS/2 browser

le mercredi, 29 ao–t 2018  Auteur : Bjorn Rietdijk

You can read the update about the QT project which is being worked on by BWW from Austria. You can find the news item on the following page:

The project is currently 25% done. Note that all source are publicly available. You can follow the development process here.

You can also now sponsor BWW via Patreon! You can choose to donate a small amount per month. BWW really needs your finial support to continue this large project! You can also buy ArcaOS licenses via the webshop of Bitwise works.

See the top URL with information regarding how to send money to either VOICE

or OS/2 VOICE.  

Best regards,

Roderick Klein
President OS/2 VOICE

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