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netlabs.org: Thanks for the support in January! And now about Qt...

le samedi, 03 novembre 2018  Auteur : Adrian Gschwend

Dear OS/2 community,

Earlier this year I sent out an email to a list of former netlabs.org
supporters to make sure I could buy a new server for netlabs. The
hardware started failing after 5 years. Due to the very generous
donations we collected around 3'000 US$ in sponsoring for the new
hardware, thanks a lot to everyone! The new server is running for
several months now and replaced the faulty hardware. This means the
servers should be save for approximately the next 5 years.

Now I would like to move the focus to the Qt 5 Project for OS/2. The
port of Qt is a project we started many, many years back. With Qt 4 we
were able to port important software to the OS/2 platform. However, Qt 5
is available for 5 years already and new software is running on this
version of Qt exclusively. Making Qt 5 available on OS/2 will allow
porting of new software. As you might now, version 60 of Firefox can no
longer be compiled on OS/2 due to new language requirements (Rust
language support). Qt 5 provides QtWebEngine, an engine used by browsers
like Falkon (https://www.falkon.org/). It might even be possible to port
Google Chromium later. In other words, one of them could become a
maintained alternative web browser on the OS/2 platform.

The port of Qt 5 is done by bww bitwise works, which was able to finance
the development by the community for many months already. However, Qt 5
is not a small thing to port, so they need our continuous financial
support to finish it.

If you would like to contribute you can do that with one-time
contributions or even better, by subscribing to an ongoing contribution
on Patreon:


Or directly on the bww shop:


You can also make a one-time contribution via Paypal (payed to VOICE
foundation), please scroll to the "Paypal" dropdown, it lists 20 50 and
100 Euro.


Previous updates on the QT funding campaign can be found here:

Thanks again for your contributions! We can only continue our journey as
long as we are able to finance up to date software on our beloved platform!


Adrian Gschwend

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