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TZSet version 09

le mercredi, 02 janvier 2019  Auteur : Peter Moylan

The latest version of TZSet can be fetched from


This is a freeware program (source included) that adjusts the OS/2 clock
such that the API call DosGetDateTime will return the correct time zone.
(Without TZSet or some equivalent substitute, the time zone is always
returned as "undefined".) The program also adjusts your time zone twice
a year, unless you live in a place that does not use Daylight Saving time.

BACKGROUND (some of this is conjecture):
According to one document on the web
(https://jdebp.eu/FGA/keeping-time-in-os2.html) the OS/2 clock was
supposed to be set to International Atomic Time, with each process using
a Posix TZ variable to define its own time zone. This perhaps explains
why "undefined" is always returned as the time zone value. I have,
however, never seen any OS/2 software that uses a TZ variable in Posix
format. I therefore suspect a design change, to have one TZ string in
CONFIG.SYS in non-Posix format, which would relieve programs of the need
to duplicate the time zone calculation in every application. That change
did not, however, go as far as having a time zone setting in the System
Clock object.

Of course, ports of Linux software would still be free to use their own
TZ variable that superseded the one in CONFIG.SYS. Such programs would
be free to ignore the time zone returned by DosGetDateTime.

-- Peter Moylan peter@pmoylan.org

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