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[software] Web Family Tree v2.1 released

le lundi, 29 juillet 2019  Auteur : Peter Moylan

pcWeb Family Tree (WFT) has been updated to version 2.1. You can get it from
or from
or from Hobbes incoming. If you want to see the manual before
downloading, that is readable at
If you want to see what it does, check an example at

Sucpported languages are Danish, German, English, French, and Dutch, but
it is elementary to add support for other languages.

WFT takes genealogical information from a GEDCOM file, and displays it
as a set of web pages, one page per person. If you are doing any
genealogical research you probably know what a GEDCOM file is. If not,
you need to know that this is a common format used for storing family
tree data. The package also includes some utilities for operating on
GEDCOM files.

The previous version of WFT was very slow to render the "ancestry" view
of a person, because of a faulty implementation of index files. This has
now been fixed, and the new rendering is fast.

The WIFE/HUSB information in a GEDCOM file does not imply any
information about marital status, which makes it awkward to display such
information. For the English-language display, a decision has been taken
to have no label at all for the "partner" person. This change has not
been made for the other supported languages, but since all such labels
are kept in a "language" file wft.xx.lng, the system manager can make
any desired changes.

-- Peter Moylan peter@pmoylan.org

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