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[OS2Voice.org Feedback] The eCSoft/2 weekly newsletter for OS2Voice

le lundi, 03 juin 2019  Auteur : eCSoft/2

-------- THE ECSOFT/2 WEEKLY NEWSLETTER FOR OS2VOICE -------------------------

Find in this digest all the records created or updated in the last week on the eCSoft/2 site https://ecsoft2.org.

If you find something wrong and you want to report it, or if you want to contribute updating or translating to your language the records, or if just you want to write us, visit our Contact page https://ecsoft2.org/contact or drop us an email at ecsoft2 [dot] orggmail [dot] com

This is a special edition of the eCSoft/2 newsletter created for OS2 Voice.


* Agena 2.15.1 https://ecsoft2.org/agena
Agena is an easy-to-learn procedural programming language suited for
everyday usage.
* FreeRDP Client for OS/2 20190531 https://ecsoft2.org/freerdp-client-os2
A FreeRDP port for OS/2, eComStation and ArcaOS. FreeRDP is a client for
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), used in a number of Microsoft Windows
operation systems.
* QSINIT 30052019 https://ecsoft2.org/qsinit
QSINIT is a replacement of OS2LDR created from scratch.
* DVD/CD Toys 1.07.00 https://ecsoft2.org/dvdcd-toys
CD/DVD Toys is a set of utilities to burn CD and DVD disks (Blu-Ray,
HD-DVD). The utilities support creation and burning of ISO-images.


* PMView Pro 3.81 https://ecsoft2.org/pmview-pro
This is a very fast bitmap viewer for files in JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, Photo
CD, etc. More than 40 different formats can be read and more than 30 can
be saved.
* Iron Spring PL/I 0.9.10a https://ecsoft2.org/iron-spring-pli
Compiler for the PL/I programming language, although it is currently
missing some features. PL/I is a powerful programming language suitable
for a wide range of problems.
* Apache 2.2.34 https://ecsoft2.org/apache
The best web server in the world! Now with native OS/2 multi-threading
* Clip 0.1 https://ecsoft2.org/clip
Clip, a command line clipboard handler.
* Qpdfview 0.4.17b5-1 https://ecsoft2.org/qpdfview
Qpdfview is a tabbed PDF viewer. Program developed using the Qt4 framework
* Dos2Unix 7.3.4 https://ecsoft2.org/dos2unix
Convert text files with DOS or Mac line breaks to Unix line breaks and
vice versa.
* Libreria EBML 1.3.0 https://ecsoft2.org/ebml-library
LibEBML is a C++ libary to parse EBML files.
EBML, or Extensible Binary Meta-Language, is a simple XML like binary
language for describing data in structured style.
* QupZilla 1.8.9 https://ecsoft2.org/qupzilla
QupZilla is a new and one of many Qt WebKit Browsers available. In
addition to standard features, QupZilla offers:
* Stunnel 5.50 https://ecsoft2.org/stunnel
Stunnel is a program that allows you to encrypt arbitrary TCP connections
inside SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).
* CMake 3.7.0 https://ecsoft2.org/cmake
CMake is a cross-platform, open-source build system.
CMake is a family of tools designed to build, test and package software.
* PHP 5.4.45 https://ecsoft2.org/php
PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially
suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.
* Tor https://ecsoft2.org/tor
Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against
traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal
freedom and privacy, con
* WPA Supplicant 2.7GA https://ecsoft2.org/wpa-supplicant
This is a backend component for controlling the wireless networking
connection. Wireless Lan Monitor wireless-lan-monitor component.
* MySQL 5.5.58 https://ecsoft2.org/mysql
The MySQL database server is the world's most widely used open source
* SmartSVN 7.0.2 https://ecsoft2.org/smartsvn
Java based GUI for Subversion (SVN) subversion-svn. Free limited version.
Latest version running on OS/2 is ver. 7.07.
* Nice-OS/2 Enhancer 5.7.1 https://ecsoft2.org/nice-os2-enhancer
The Nice-OS/2 Enhancer adds new features to the OS/2 operating system.
Using this application you will be able:
* Ddrescue 1.24 https://ecsoft2.org/ddrescue
Ddrescue is a data recovery tool.
* Netlabs GCC 8.3.0 & 3.3.5 (CSD6) https://ecsoft2.org/netlabs-gcc
Ports of GNU GCC 3.x and 4.x, which ensure 100% compatibility with ANSI
* eCUPS 2.1.3 https://ecsoft2.org/ecups
The eCUPS project is intended to create a seamless integration of CUPS
https://www.cups.org/ into OS/2 base Operating Systems, *to sub*
* WarpIN 1.0.22 https://ecsoft2.org/warpin
WarpIN is intended to become the new general-purpose installer for OS/2 to
overcome the current lack of a both flexible and user-friendly installer.
* Simple DirectMedia Layer 2.0.4 & 1.2.15
Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library designed
to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, 3D
hardware via OpenGL, and 2D video framebuffer.
* 32bit Linux ext2 file system driver (EXT2 IFS) 2.40
This is an old driver for the Linux ext2 file system taken from kernels
* PostgreSQL Server 9.0.6 https://ecsoft2.org/postgresql-server
A powerful, /open source/ relational database system.
* Vi Improved (VIM) 7.0 https://ecsoft2.org/vi-improved-vim
Vim is an almost compatible version of the UNIX editor Vi. Many new
features have been added.
* SeaMonkey 2.42.9esr & 1.1.19 https://ecsoft2.org/seamonkey
SeaMonkey is a community effort to deliver an high production-quality
releases of web browser code derived from "Mozilla Application Suite". The
program includes the email client.
* RXU Library 1.a.0 https://ecsoft2.org/rxu-library
RXU v1.a, rich set of Rexx functions for OS/2 API!
* Thunderbird 45.8.0 https://ecsoft2.org/thunderbird
Mozilla Thunderbird is a redesign of the Mozilla mail component, with
several new features and improvements to make your mail and news
experience better.
* 3D Launch Pad 20190326 https://ecsoft2.org/3d-launch-pad
Launch Pad is a WPS objects launcher for PMShell with support for PNG
* GSView 5.0 https://ecsoft2.org/gsview
Graphical interface for Ghostscript ghostscript. Available in several
languages. Port by different authors.
* Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.1 https://ecsoft2.org/adobe-acrobat-reader
Acrobat Reader, known
* Undot 08032012 https://ecsoft2.org/undot
Undot.cmd is a Rexx procedure to replace one or more dots, commas, spaces,
brackets and braces in filenames by an underscore character, except the
last dot: *the*
* BIEW 5.6.4 https://ecsoft2.org/biew
BIEW (Binary vIEW) is a free, portable, advanced file viewer with built-in
editor for binary, hexadecimal and disassembler modes.
* DjView & DjVuLibre 4.10.6 & 3.5.27 https://ecsoft2.org/djview-djvulibre
Standalone viewer for DjVu files. Features include navigating documents,
zooming and panning page images, producing and displaying thumbnails.
* Links 2.19 https://ecsoft2.org/links
A text-mode web browser, which is able to correctly display tables and
frames, and to render correctly most pages, even if they include several
graphical elements.
* Renzoku Player/2 0.9.9 https://ecsoft2.org/renzoku-player2
A simple GUI front-end *in Rexx language* for Mplayer mplayer, KMovie
Player k-movie-playerand
* jEdit 5.1.0 mpg123-audiocenter
A mature programmer's text editor expandable with tons of plugins.
* K Movie Player File Selector 1.0
Rexx front-end for K Movie Player.
* Nutrition Database 5.5r2 https://ecsoft2.org/nutrition-database
Nutrition Database, an OS/2 port of a nutritional database for Unix.
* Data Transport Agent (DTA) https://ecsoft2.org/data-transport-agent-dta
This is a beta release of the new Data Transport Agent (DTA) for
* MikMod & MikMODPM & 3.2.8 https://ecsoft2.org/mikmod-mikmodpm
An OS/2 PM & Text-Mode MOD Player using the MikMod Library. The MikMod
Library is a portable sound library for Unix and other systems.
* Megadesk (Desktop expander) 2.24
Megadesk is a virtual desktop overview which allows you to expand the area
for your PM windows, creating many "rooms" in which to group running PM
* Supporto per webcam USB 1.1
USB WebCam device drivers and control programs.
* Graham Utilities 2.1 https://ecsoft2.org/graham-utilities
The Graham Utilities for OS/2 are the largest, most comprehensive suite of
disk, file and general utilities specifically written for the OS/2
Operating System.
* Mozilla Suite https://ecsoft2.org/mozilla-suite
Mozilla suite is no longer mantained. Available alternatives are:
* BeeBEEP 5.6.1 https://ecsoft2.org/beebeep
BeeBEEP is a secure network chat.
* ELEPHANT 1.21 https://ecsoft2.org/elephant
A Tiny Dancing Elephant with a digital clock.
* REXX for the absolute beginner 08032012
A number of simple REXX procedures for beginners with REXX, accompanied by
an explanatory text in the *Dutch language*, in ASCII, INF, incl.
* IRxRadio 2.0 https://ecsoft2.org/irxradio
REXX frontend to Mplayer mplayer for playing streaming radio and managing
a favourite list. Program interface looks like an old tube radio.
* Fontconfig & Freetype 2.12.4 & 2.8.0
A runtime and a developer package that combines Fontconfig and FreeType
into one package in such a way that it should be easy to build a
cairo-based Mozilla build.
* HWman (OS/2 Hardware Manager) replacement class Release 14
A WPS class replacement for XWorkplace HWManager (the OS/2 Hardware
* GNU sed 4.7 https://ecsoft2.org/gnu-sed
GNU sed (stream editor) is a non-interactive command-line text editor.
* DFSee, Display File Systems 16.1
File-system display & analysis utility. Shows partition-tables and
bootsectors. Shows all HPFS internal disk structures like Superblock,
Fnodes, Dirblocks etc.
* GNU Tar 1.32 https://ecsoft2.org/gnu-tar
The tar program provides the ability to create tar archives, as well as
various other kinds of manipulation.
* Driver supporto di base USB 11.17 & 10.227
USB basic driver stack including UHCI, OHCI, EHCI (USB 2.0) support,
always required and to be installed first!
* GNU Awk 5.0.0 https://ecsoft2.org/gnu-awk
GNU Awk is upwardly compatible with Brian Kernighan's version of Unix Awk.
* GNU Diffutils 3.7 https://ecsoft2.org/gnu-diffutils
GNU Diffutils. A series of programs that are used to find differences
between one or more files.
* GNU COREUtils 8.31 https://ecsoft2.org/gnu-coreutils
The GNU coreutils port from UNIX. This package is the union of the GNU
fileutils, sh-utils, and textutils packages.
* ABOVE512 0.01c https://ecsoft2.org/above512
ABOVE512.exe marks pure 32bit code and/or data objects of existing LX
format DLL modules as 'loading above 512MB'.
* Automake 1.16.1 https://ecsoft2.org/automake
Automake, a Makefile generator, utility for software development.
* Rxmous Release 2 https://ecsoft2.org/rxmous
Rxmous is a simple mouse DLL for REXX, with C source, to returns mouse
position for clicks on text screens.
* Libreria VPX 1.8.0 https://ecsoft2.org/vpx-library
WebM defines the file container structure, video and audio formats.
* FluidSynth 2.0.5 https://ecsoft2.org/fluidsynth
FluidSynth is a software real-time synthesizer based on the Soundfont 2
* Quick & Easy Finances 1.15 https://ecsoft2.org/quick-easy-finances
The ultimate in personal financial programs for OS/2. This will make the
rest of the financial programs here look like they were developed in the
early 1990's.
* Mplayer 1.4 https://ecsoft2.org/mplayer
Port of MPlayer: it is a movie player which runs on many systems (see the
* Icecast 2.4.99 https://ecsoft2.org/icecast
Icecast is a free server for network streaming of multimedia contents.
* SDLMAME 0.170 https://ecsoft2.org/sdlmame
A MAME Version based on SDL Library. MAME stands for Multiple Arcade
Machine Emulator.
* Estensione macro LPEX per VAC Release 2
LPEX macro to support opening of files by dropping them onto LPEX window +
dropping marked text fragments from EPM (Enhanced Editor, the default OS/2
& eComStation's development editor).

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