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[OS2Voice.org Feedback] The eCSoft/2 weekly newsletter for OS2Voice

le lundi, 21 d‚cembre 2020  Auteur : eCSoft/2

-------- THE ECSOFT/2 WEEKLY NEWSLETTER FOR OS2VOICE -------------------------

Find in this digest all the records created or updated in the last week on the eCSoft/2 site https://ecsoft2.org.

If you find something wrong and you want to report it, or if you want to contribute updating or translating to your language the records, or if just you want to write us, visit our Contact page https://ecsoft2.org/contact or drop us an email at ecsoft2 [dot] orggmail [dot] com

This is a special edition of the eCSoft/2 newsletter created for OS2 Voice.


* Window Themes toolkit https://ecsoft2.org/window-themes-toolkit
Window Themes allow you to change the appearance of your window-frame
controls, checkboxes, and radio-buttons, using installable 'themes'.
* TZSet 1.0 https://ecsoft2.org/tzset
TZSet sets the time zone from the TZ environment variable.
* Strrpl (String replace) 0.84 https://ecsoft2.org/strrpl-string-replace
Goes thru the specified files and replaces strings therein. This program
was part of the XFolder source package. the first name of XWorkplace
* SeaMonkey 2.42.9esr https://ecsoft2.org/seamonkey
SeaMonkey is a community effort to deliver an high production-quality
releases of web browser code derived from "Mozilla Application Suite". The
program includes the email client.
* BackEmUp 2.2.0 https://ecsoft2.org/backemup
A simple, non graphical user interface incremental file backup program.
* GammaTech Utilities 4.02 https://ecsoft2.org/gammatech-utilities
The GamaTech Utilities are a set of professional tools to manage your
disks and files:
* WPA Supplicant 2.7GA https://ecsoft2.org/wpa-supplicant
This is a backend component for controlling the wireless networking
connection. Wireless Lan Monitor wireless-lan-monitor component.
* Testlog 3.34 https://ecsoft2.org/testlog
Create a log file that you can submit with your test results when
reporting a problem with a driver.
* Thunderbird 45.8.0 https://ecsoft2.org/thunderbird
Mozilla Thunderbird is a redesign of the Mozilla mail component, with
several new features and improvements to make your mail and news
experience better.
* ConfigSysCheck 2.02 https://ecsoft2.org/configsyscheck
Checks a CONFIG.SYS file for errors. This is a work in progress. New
checks will be added as they are needed.
* Gnuplot 5.4.1 https://ecsoft2.org/gnuplot
Well-known command-line driven interactive function plotting utility.
* Octave 3.0.0 https://ecsoft2.org/octave
A high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations. It
provides a convenient command line interface for solving linear and
nonlinear problems numerically.
* Driver supporto di base USB 12.07 & 10.236
USB basic driver stack including UHCI, OHCI, EHCI (USB 2.0) support,
always required and to be installed first!
* FTP Server 2.8 https://ecsoft2.org/ftp-server
FtpServer: an FTP daemon for OS/2. Lets you control which drives and
directories the users are allowed to see.
* Pcx2prn 1.5.1 https://ecsoft2.org/pcx2prn
Derive original data used in line graphs from PCX files.
* Platform specific driver for Warp4 kernel Release 6
Platform specific driver (PSD) for Warp4 kernel (single core). *OS/2 Warp
4.0 (single core) not for UNI or SMP kernels!*
* Mksh (MirBSD™ Korn Shell) R59c
A DFSG-free and OSD-compliant (and OSI approved) successor to pdksh shell.
* MCrypt 1.1.3 https://ecsoft2.org/mcrypt
Decrypt and encrypt files with OS/2 or OS/2 Rexx.
The source file will not be deleted when an output file is specified.
* LSwitcher 2.92 https://ecsoft2.org/lswitcher
Feature-rich replacement for the OS/2 PM Alt-Tab switcher, that includes a
task switcher that works in full screen sessions.
* Kee16 12 https://ecsoft2.org/kee16
A static thunking library to be able to use the 32-bit KEE API from a
16-bit device driver
* Firefox 45.9.0 https://ecsoft2.org/firefox
A Mozilla-based fast browser! Firefox includes:
* Brainfuck interpreter 1.0.4 https://ecsoft2.org/brainfuck-interpreter
Convert brainfuck to C with a few optimizations, samples including
LostKingdom.b/EXE, interpreter v1.0.3 for brainfuck and brainfuck.
* Belvoir 1.5 https://ecsoft2.org/belvoir
Creates a simple large, wide (line) graph without any x-axis adjustments,
v1.4. So each record is represented, and different values can be compared.

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