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TZSet version 1.0 released

le jeudi, 08 octobre 2020  Auteur : Peter Moylan

TZset, the freeware time zone monitor, has been updated to version 1.0.
You can fetch it from
or from Hobbes incoming.

TZset compensates for a missing feature in all versions of OS/2. If a
programmer calls the function DosGetDateTime, the value returned for the
time zone is "undefined". This is because the implementer of the "System
Clock" function did not include any provision for time zone information.
TZset ensures that a sensible value is returned.

This release incorporates a major design change. In previous versions,
TZset.exe was a command-line program whose output appeared in a VIO
window. In this new version, TZset.exe is smaller, and invisible to the
user, since it runs detached with no screen output. The user interface
is instead supplied by a separate GUI program Clock.exe, which is in
effect a substitute for the "System Clock" object. This displays the
date and time, and lets you edit those values. It also contains a "time
zone" page.

Source code is included.

-- Peter Moylan www.pmoylan.org

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