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[OS2Voice.org Feedback] The eCSoft/2 weekly newsletter for OS2Voice

maandag, 24. juni 2019  Door: eCSoft/2

-------- THE ECSOFT/2 WEEKLY NEWSLETTER FOR OS2VOICE -------------------------

Find in this digest all the records created or updated in the last week on the eCSoft/2 site https://ecsoft2.org.

If you find something wrong and you want to report it, or if you want to contribute updating or translating to your language the records, or if just you want to write us, visit our Contact page https://ecsoft2.org/contact or drop us an email at ecsoft2 [dot] orggmail [dot] com

This is a special edition of the eCSoft/2 newsletter created for OS2 Voice.


* Weasel 2.581 https://ecsoft2.org/weasel
Weasel: a POP3 and SMTP daemon for OS/2 (also available an IMAP optional
* Agena 2.15.2 https://ecsoft2.org/agena
Agena is an easy-to-learn procedural programming language suited for
everyday usage.


* Doodle's ScreenSaver 2.3 https://ecsoft2.org/doodles-screensaver
Open-source screen saver, able to cooperate, with third party
applications, like WarpVision warpvision.
* OS/2 Essentials 2.0 https://ecsoft2.org/os2-essentials
OS/2 Essentials was created to give OS/2 professionals the tools they most
often need. It comes with several utilities that IS managers and end users
alike will find useful.
* Links 2.19 https://ecsoft2.org/links
A text-mode web browser, which is able to correctly display tables and
frames, and to render correctly most pages, even if they include several
graphical elements.
* WPA Supplicant 2.7GA https://ecsoft2.org/wpa-supplicant
This is a backend component for controlling the wireless networking
connection. Wireless Lan Monitor wireless-lan-monitor component.
* WarpGLOBE 1.2 https://ecsoft2.org/warpglobe
WarpGLOBE Puts in your OS/2 desktop an earth globe lightned acording to
the hour, day and month. It paints the cities with some OS/2 users too.
* RPM&YUM for OS/2 4.13.0 & 3.4.3 https://ecsoft2.org/rpmyum-os2
Package Manager (RPM) is a powerful command line driven package management
system capable of installing, uninstalling, verifying, querying, and
updating computer softwa
* IBM OS/2 Developer's Toolkit 4.52
The IBM OS/2 Developer's Toolkit Version 4.5 provides development support
for new features in the OS/2 Warp Server for e-business operating system.
* Stellar Frontier 1.10a https://ecsoft2.org/stellar-frontier
Intense multiplayer space combat action.
* Regina REXX 3.9.1 https://ecsoft2.org/regina-rexx
Regina is a Rexx interpreter that has been ported to most Unix platforms
(Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, etc.) and also to OS/2, eCS, DOS,
Win9x/Me/NT/2k/XP, Amiga, AROS, QNX, BeOS, MacOS X,
* Adaptec SCSI Host Adapters (7800 & Ultra160/320 family) 3.03 & 1.00
Driver for SCSI Host Adapters from Adaptec.
* PCI Support for Serial Port Device Driver 1.21
Supports a maximum of sixteen COM ports (1 to 16). FixPak 15 (XR_M015) or
higher or eComstation is required.
* EPOMNI (pacchetti driver stampanti OMNI Epson) 1.0 - 2.0 - 3.0 - 4.0 - 5.0
Support for Epson printers:
* EPOMNI 1.0*
* Driver supporto di base USB 11.17 & 10.227
USB basic driver stack including UHCI, OHCI, EHCI (USB 2.0) support,
always required and to be installed first!
* Cdrtools 2.01.01a59 https://ecsoft2.org/cdrtools
Alternative version of CDRecord cdrecord2, NOT compatibile with
Audio/Data-CD-Creator node/223!
* LoadDskF & SaveDskF 1.16p & 1.14p https://ecsoft2.org/loaddskf-savedskf
Creates diskettes from DSK image files & vice-cersa. OS/2 FixPak are
normally released in DSK format. *This programs work in both DOS and
* Disk extractor 1.3 https://ecsoft2.org/disk-extractor
DSKXTRCT extracts the original files from DSK files into a subdirectory,
avoiding the need to recreate diskettes with LoadDSKF loaddskf-savedskf.
* MED, Programmers' Text Editor 1.26
* True Basic 2.5.3 https://ecsoft2.org/true-basic
Basic compiler for OS/2. There are three versions: Bronze, Silver and Gold
* Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.1 https://ecsoft2.org/adobe-acrobat-reader
Acrobat Reader, known
* REXX Reference Summary Handbook https://ecsoft2.org/rexx-reference-summary-handbook
REXX Reference Summary Handbook - 4th Edizione Ottobre 1997.
* Odin Gui https://ecsoft2.org/odin-gui
This program makes it easy to create Odin odin (win32) objects.
* REXX W32 Funcstions 1.5.1 https://ecsoft2.org/rexx-w32-funcstions
This package is a small collection of functions which provide access to
the NT registry, event log, service control manager, clipboard and shell,
to a large set of applications through OLE Automati
* Dynamic Windows & RexxDW 2.5 & 2.1
This is a cross-platform application framework designed to make it easy
creating dynamic applications with a modern interface; it was modeled
after the GTK library.
* Inet.Mail Perseus 2.0.9 https://ecsoft2.org/inetmail-perseus
Inet.Mail Perseus for OS/2 is a full featured SMTP and POP3 server for
* InetPowerServer (IPS) https://ecsoft2.org/inetpowerserver-ips
InetPowerServer will help you provide efficient and stable Inet services
for e-mail, file transfers and web contents.
* Monitor UPS 1.1 https://ecsoft2.org/ups-monitor
UPS Monitor is a utility program to monitor and log power line and battery
status for a large number of Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPS).
* PM Downloader 1.0.2 https://ecsoft2.org/pm-downloader
PMDownloader is interactive multithreaded network retriever for OS/2
Presentation Manager which supports HTTP and FTP protocols for downloading
* DOOM for OS/2 1.10 https://ecsoft2.org/doom-os2
OS/2 port of DOOM.
* Undot 08032012 https://ecsoft2.org/undot
Undot.cmd is a Rexx procedure to replace one or more dots, commas, spaces,
brackets and braces in filenames by an underscore character, except the
last dot: *the*
* ClipView 3.6 https://ecsoft2.org/clipview
ClipView is a suite of utility programs for clipboard viewing, setting and
printing under OS/2 Warp.
* DrawIT 3.5 https://ecsoft2.org/node/398
DrawIt is a shareware vector-oriented drawing package with the commercial
feature list. Support for common graphics format and much more.
* Emacs 20.6 https://ecsoft2.org/emacs
OS/2 version of Gnu Emacs, the most powerful text editor in the world.
* Wake on Lan 1.12 https://ecsoft2.org/wake-lan
With WOL you can 'wake up' your pc simply by sending a 'magic packet' over
the network.
* Security/2 0.4.5 https://ecsoft2.org/security2
Security/2 is a package that provides a user-based security for remote and
for local users.
* WarpZip 3.9 https://ecsoft2.org/warpzip
WarpZip is a archivier program and handles ZIP, RAR, ARJ, LZH, TGZ, GZ,
WPI and OS/2 "Packed" archives!
* CDRecord ProDVD 2.0 https://ecsoft2.org/cdrecord-prodvd
Tools for writing DVD's for OS/2. You need a license-key, otherwise it is
limited to writing 1GB or full testing in 'dummy' mode.
* Tidy 10-2005 https://ecsoft2.org/tidy
Tidy clean up your HTML pages from dirty code.
* Open Watcom C/C++ e Fortran77 2.0
Open Watcom is a joint effort between SciTech Software, Sybase , and a
select team of developers, which will bring the Sybase Watcom C/C++ and
Fortran compiler products
* CDBFlite 1.14 https://ecsoft2.org/cdbflite
CDBFLITE lets you work on DBF files from the command line. You can perform
various operations without being in batch mode.
* AiR-BOOT 1.1.4 https://ecsoft2.org/air-boot
AiR-BOOT, a highly customizable boot-manager 100% in MBR: does not need
any real space on harddisk!
* MMAudio Pak & Audio codecs (APE I/O Procs) 2.0 & 0.13.29
Installation of these classes allow MP3s, APE, Ogg Vorbis, and FLACs can
be played in any OS/2 player:
* Classi CW-Multimedia 0.2.7 https://ecsoft2.org/cw-multimedia-classes
The package is a complete replacement for the multimedia classes coming
with MMOS2.
* MSHELL: Mini PM Shell https://ecsoft2.org/mshell-mini-pm-shell
An alternative, simple, mini shell for OS/2 2.x to replace the Workplace
Shell. Works as a program launcher, providing an editable list of programs
to start.
* Scubabob Desktop Changer 1.0.0
Automated desktop changer based on Scubabob's underwater images! You can
also use different images.
* LPTool filetransfer 2.12 https://ecsoft2.org/lptool-filetransfer
LPTool enables file transfer and remote execution via a "laplink" cable
connection between parallel ports of two machines running OS/2 3.0 or
* PMMine 1.1 https://ecsoft2.org/pmmine
Minesweeper for OS/2.
* SmartCVS 7.1.8 https://ecsoft2.org/node/360
Powerful Java CVS client, easy to use and configure. Base ("Foundation")
version is free, also for commercial use.
* StHWMon 0.18 build 729 https://ecsoft2.org/sthwmon
Health monitor for mainboards with W83781D/W83782D/VIA 82C686 chip.
* OpenJazz Jazz Jackrabbit Game loader per OS/2 2016-02-01
OpenJazz is a free, open-source loader version of the classic Jazz
Jackrabbit games by Epic Games.
Jazz Jackrabbit was a PC platform game.
* DCF77 decoder for Gude Expert Mouse Clock serial 1.0A
DCF77 decoder for Gude serial Expert Mouse Clock 1.0 Alpha. Source Code
and Binaries. Open Source BSD 2-Clause.
* Fast CGI 2.4.1 https://ecsoft2.org/fast-cgi
CGI software for web applications under Apache and various other web
* OptiPNG 0.7.5 https://ecsoft2.org/optipng
OptiPNG optimizes PNG images while attempting to keep their
characteristics unaltered.
Port by different authors.
* EBE 2.7.10 https://ecsoft2.org/ebe
Ebe is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed to support
Assembly Language.
It is written in C++ using Qt for the GUI elements.
* Super Mario War 1.8 https://ecsoft2.org/super-mario-war
Super Mario War is a game for up to four players (including bots) with
many different modes of play.
* FFT (libreria Fast Fourier Transform) 3.3.4
GCC Library for FFT analysis. Useful in developing audio analysis and
elaboration software.
Port by different authors.
* DjView & DjVuLibre 4.10.6 & 3.5.27 https://ecsoft2.org/djview-djvulibre
Standalone viewer for DjVu files. Features include navigating documents,
zooming and panning page images, producing and displaying thumbnails.
* Fixpak 5 (XR_C005) Build 14.103 https://ecsoft2.org/fixpak-5-xrc005
*Fixpak 5 ** for Convenience Pack 1 & 2 (ACP and MCP) and eComStation*
* Fixpak 3 (XR_E003) - United States 14.088
*FixPack 3 for Warp Server for e-business (V4.5)*.
* IBM LAN Update for ArcaOS 20171117
This update brings the IBM Requester and Peer files in ArcaOS up to the
latest level. *This update is only for ArcaOS versions 5.0 through 5.0.1*.
* Driver ethernet Multimac 20181126
*Multimac LAN adapter drivers currently available are:*
* ArcaOS Bootable USB Stick Image 20180821
This package follows onto the included USB stick creation utility shipped
with ArcaOS https://www.arcanoae.com/ 5.0.2, allowing you to create a
bootable U
* Driver ACPI 3.23.11 https://ecsoft2.org/acpi-driver
Purpose of this driver is to provide ACPI interface:
* Uno Fixpak for eComStation 20151225 (Fixpak #4)
Fixpak for eComStation Operating System includes a set of dedicated
cumulative updates (Base OS, Must-Have and Data) into one single package.
*Supported systems*:
* Device Driver Pack 3 (XR_D003) 14070
Drivers update for:
* * OS/2 Warp 4;*
* *WSOD Rel 2;*
* *WSeB UNI and SMP;*
* *CP1 and CP2.*
* Device Driver Pack 2 (XR_D002) 14042
Drivers update for
* *OS/2 Warp 3*
* *OS/2 Warp* *4*
* IMAP4 server for the Weasel mail server 0.1.12
This is an IMAPD server designed to run in conjunction with the Weasel
node/80 mail server.
* Fontconfig & Freetype 2.12.4 & 2.8.0
A runtime and a developer package that combines Fontconfig and FreeType
into one package in such a way that it should be easy to build a
cairo-based Mozilla build.
* Reformat 0.08.02 https://ecsoft2.org/reformat
A small utility that allows to reformat USB flash disks, making them
compatible with OS/2 & eComStation.
* WPS Wizard 0.6.1a3 https://ecsoft2.org/wps-wizard
WPS-Wizard adds an icon engine to the WPS so colorful PNG images can be
used as icons. A preview for image files and thumbnails created by the
Lucide application is added to the info area.
* CommuniGate Pro Server 5.4.10 https://ecsoft2.org/communigate-pro-server
The CommuniGate Pro Server is based on the Internet Standards (RFCs) and
it has many additional features required for today's industrial-level
messaging systems.
* WebMail/2 1.04 https://ecsoft2.org/webmail2
WebMail/2 is a web interface system for your existing POP3/SMTP servers.
It can read the users database of Weasel, IPS, InetMail, InetMail Pro,
OS2PopS and ZxMail.
* Extended Partition Support 14.091
This EXPART*.EXE driver package provides you with IBM's most current
support for hard disk drive Extended (type 0x0F) and Fat (type 0x0E)
partitions on the OS/2 Warp 4 and OS/2 Warp Server for e-bu
* MindTerm 4.1.5 https://ecsoft2.org/mindterm
SSH (protocol 1.x & 2) client, with SCP interface similar to familiar
clients like WinSCP. Sources are available. To download the free version
you have to compile a form.
* SciTech SNAP Graphics 3.1.8 https://ecsoft2.org/scitech-snap-graphics
SciTech SNAP for OS/2 brings SciTech's proven universal device driver
technologies to the OS/2 Operating System. Now with multihead and zoom
* Widescreen activators 0.8b https://ecsoft2.org/widescreen-activators
Activate widescreen modes on video adapters with ATOM BIOS and Intel GMA
video adapters.
* WarpOverlay! 1.10 https://ecsoft2.org/warpoverlay
The development project for the replacement of HW EnDIVE: it provides all
the functionality HW EnDIVE provided, as well as hardware-based overlay
* UnRAR32 3.00b7 - 3.43 https://ecsoft2.org/unrar32
OS/2 executable and library only to decompress RAR archives, source code
and examples.
* jCVS II 5.3.2 https://ecsoft2.org/jcvs-ii
JCVS is a Swing based client that provides a commercial quality GUI client
for CVS.
* DirDiff 2.07 https://ecsoft2.org/dirdiff
Directory compare program for OS/2 and eCS: compares all files in two
sub-directorys or whole directory trees.
* ThirdEye 2.2 https://ecsoft2.org/thirdeye
ThirdEye is a program to manipulate your digital camera with efficiency
and comfort.
* eCSMT - eComStation Maintenance Tool
The fixtool eCSMT package is intended to update an eCS installation with
IBM Convenience Package updates (known as fixpacks), apply customized
updates furnished by Serenity Systems, Inc, installed
* Major Major 2.7 https://ecsoft2.org/major-major
Major Major is a mailing list manager for OS/2. It lets you create
multiple mailing lists on your machine.
* AMouse 2.80.04 & 3.01.02 https://ecsoft2.org/amouse
Driver for mice with wheels and multiple buttons. USB & wireless support.
Tight integration with Mozilla browser and runtime Java by Innotek.
* dSync/2 0.16z https://ecsoft2.org/dsync2
This program creates and maintains exact copies of files, directories or
the whole disks in/on the other directory/disk.
* CVS 1.12.13 https://ecsoft2.org/cvs
EMX port of the Concurrent Versions System (CVS). Features include:
* Update CD 2.61 https://ecsoft2.org/update-cd
With UpdCD you can incorporate public IBM fixpaks into your installation
* PPWizard 17.308 https://ecsoft2.org/ppwizard
PPWizard is a free html preprocessor which is powerful and yet easy to
* Electronic Teller 4.40 https://ecsoft2.org/electronic-teller
Attractive easy-to-use home finance plus utilities.
You can select one of these languages: english, italian, german, french,
spain and portuguese.
* NewView 2.19.6 https://ecsoft2.org/newview
A replacement for View.exe, the original OS/2 help viewer.
* Maul Publisher 3.16 https://ecsoft2.org/maul-publisher
Maul Publisher is aimed at anyone needing to quickly create pleasing and
sophisticated publications, without the high cost of one of the industry
leading packages.
* GNU Bison 3.0.4 https://ecsoft2.org/gnu-bison
Bison is a general-purpose parser generator that converts an annotated
context-free grammar into a deterministic LR or generalized LR (GLR)
parser employing LALR(1) parser tables.
* MySQL 5.5.58 https://ecsoft2.org/mysql
The MySQL database server is the world's most widely used open source
* FM/2 Utilities https://ecsoft2.org/fm2-utilities
Bunch of free utils (including HPFS defrag) text mode only.
* Oldschool PC Font 1.0 https://ecsoft2.org/oldschool-pc-font
These scalable TrueType fonts reproduce the fonts used in BIOS and IBM PC
DOS operating systems and clones.
* Pascal Lite Compiler 1.00 https://ecsoft2.org/pascal-lite-compiler
A full 32- bit Pascal compiler for 80386/486/Pentium Intel CPU's.
* Free Pascal 3.0.4 https://ecsoft2.org/free-pascal
Free Pascal Compiler.
A free multiplatform 32-bit TP/BP/Delphi highly compatible Pascal compiler
(OS/2, Linux, FreeBSD, GO32v2 and Win32 available).
* Virtual Pascal 2.1 https://ecsoft2.org/virtual-pascal
Virtual Pascal is the tool of choice for 32-bit cross-platform development
using the Pascal language.
* WDSibyl https://ecsoft2.org/wdsibyl
A Pascal-Compiler which processes a language closely related to Delphi.
WDSibyl now supports the following languages: English, German, Italian and
* SpeedSoft Sibyl 2.0 https://ecsoft2.org/node/245
SpeedSoft Sibyl is a high performance Visual Pascal Development
Environment (VDE) for OS/2 Warp, Linux and Windows 95/NT. Sibyl allows you
to create fast native code applications.
* VirtualBox per OS/2 5.0.6 https://ecsoft2.org/virtualbox-os2
VirtualBox is a family of powerful x86 virtualization products for
enterprise as well as home use.

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